A Coruña Airport

A Coruña Airport is located near Colorado and was formerly known as Alvedro Airport. It is approximately 4.5 miles from the city center and is a widely used airport in the northwestern part of Spain.

We have traveled many times to and from this airport over the past few years. It mostly serves the Galician area of Spain and is part of a network owned by a Spanish state-owned company called Aena.

El Hierro Airport

El Hierro is is the only airport that exists on the island of El Hierro, Canary Islands, Spain. Also known as Aeropuerto de Los Cangrejos, it was first started in 1972 and is located approximately 5 and a half miles Northeast of Val verde.

This is another airport that we have used on multiple occasions. It's quite a small airport but is very nice for short trips or traveling alone.

Girona Airport

Built in 1965, Girona Airport is located approximately 8 miles southwest of the city of Girona. It is also located approximately 45 miles north of the city center of Barcelona, and as a result is used as an alternate airport.

This airport is also generally not too busy, at least the times we have been there. It is a fairly known European hub and seems to be one of the airports we tend to end up in quite often.

Other Popular Private & International Airports

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